• Golden Naadam

    Golden Naadam

    Guru Eco Complex, Terelj National Park, U;aanbaatar-21 August (annually)

    The Naadam Festival, a traditional celebration inherited from olden days, is the biggest national event for the Mongolians. The word “Naadam” means games. The festival’s full title is “Eriin Gurvan Naadam” which can be translated as the “Three Manly Games”. It consists of wrestling, horse racing and archery. It is a tradition for the strongest wrestlers, the fastest horses and expert marksmen from all over the Mongolian countryside to gather to test their courage, strength and coolness.

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  • Kazakh Spring Festival

    Kazakh Spring Festival

    Guru Eco Complex, Terelj National Park, Ulaanbaatar -21-22 March (annually)

    The Kazakh people are the largest ethnic minority in Mongolia, is located in the western province of Bayan-Ulgii. There are many Kazakhs in the coal mining area of Nalaikh district. On the March 22nd, the Kazakhs of Mongolia celebrate the Nauriz Holiday, the New Year of the Kazakh People. Kazakhs say about the fest that “Ulystinulykuni” which means “the great day of the community”. Seven is a very important number in Nauriz celebrations. For example, it is customary to invite seven people over and visit seven houses. Guests must bring their own dish made with seven ingredients. One popular dish is Naurizkoje, a special yogurt soup prepared for the festival table consisting of water, meat, salt, fat, flour,cereal, and milk.
    This festival is specifically organized to introduce lifestyle, art, culture and history of Kazakh people to our foreign guests.

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  • International Throat Singing Festival

    International Throat Singing Festival

    Khovd City, Khovd Province- First week of September (annually)

    Throat singing is Mongolia’s invaluable contribution to world culture. It is a special sound made in unison with tongue, teeth, larynx and palate. It is difficult to determine the period when throat singing started, but as an art it started to develop during the 19th century. Because of the unique skills needed to master throat singing there are not many throat singers. The mother land of throat singing is considered to be Chandmani soum of Khovd province. Besides its uniqueness of throat singers, Khovd province is famous for many ethnic groups including Uuld, Khalkh, Zakhchin, Torguud, Uriankhai, Myangad, Durvud and Kazakh.
    This festival is specifically organized to introduce lifestyle, art, culture and history of ethnic groups in Western Mongolia to our foreign guests. The festival guests would be throat singers from Inner Mongolia, China and Kalmik, Tuvan and Buriyat Autonomic Republic of Russia.

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  • Swan Gathering at the Ganga Lake

    Swan Gathering at the Ganga Lake

    Dariganga soum, Sukhbaatar Province, Mongolia-September (annually)

    Every year hundreds of magnificent swans at the Ganga Lake in Dariganga Soum of Sukhbaatar Province in Mongolia. This is very unique and amazing scenery. The singing of the swans is so breathtaking that it reminds of a big orchestra performance. In addition to seeing this beautiful natural phenomenon, travelers will get introduced to traditions, culture and nomadic way of people of Dariganga soum.

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